Join Ed Mathews on a journey into the world of passive investing in multifamily real estate. Learn from his firsthand experiences, uncover the origins of his investing journey, and understand why he strategically shifted towards fewer buildings. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tune in and gain valuable insights!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [05:10] Classic ways to educate yourself about real estate
  • [11:40] Why going for fewer but bigger buildings is a better investment strategy
  • [16:02] Lessons you can learn during your real estate journey
  • [27:55] Effective strategies when starting a real estate business
  • [31:41] Proven tactics for multifamily real estate investors

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About Ed Mathews 

Ed is a seasoned executive, leveraging the experience he earned during his 20 years in service of world-class Silicon Valley companies to take advantage of US commercial real estate market opportunities and mentor real estate investors. He is the President of Clark St Capital, focusing on multifamily and mixed-use investment properties in Connecticut and throughout the US.

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in English, majoring in Mass Communications at Villanova University. 

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