Explore the essential aspects of asset protection in wealth building in this engaging discussion with Scott Royal Smith, Esq. Press play to gain valuable insights that will shift your perspective on investing, and join us for an eye-opening conversation that emphasizes how smart financial decisions can pave the way to your ideal lifestyle.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [09:25] When should you start asset protection planning?
  • [11:37] The best asset protection strategies and how they work
  • [19:08 The consequence of not having an asset protection plan
  • [21:36] Investing tips to help you make the most of your money and life
  • [31:50] Why you shouldn’t wait to live your life until you’re financially free

Resources mentioned in this episode

Access a collection of resources to help you on your journey to becoming financially free by visiting https://vault.royallegalsolutions.com/landing?space. Sign up now to be the CEO of your own wealth-building company!

About Scott Royal Smith, Esq.

Scott is a former litigator who now helps real estate investors protect their assets. He is personally and currently invested in every real estate asset class. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Hillsdale College and his Doctor of Law (JD) at Albany Law School.

In 2014, he founded Royal Legal Solutions. Since then, he has built a nationwide team of 30 – including 4 attorneys, 8 paralegals, CPA/MBA/CFO, insurance agents, and investing specialists – and they protect over 1.2 billion in assets for over 2000 real estate investors nationwide.

Connect with Scott

Website: Royal Legal Solutions