Join us in this episode with Dan Pierson as he takes us on his entrepreneurial journey, from simple college ideas to real estate triumphs. Discover his strategy for building a personal board of directors and the transformative power of advice over mere finances. Don’t miss this enriching conversation on the keys to entrepreneurial success.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [15:20] Benefits of shifting from operational to capital-focused roles in the real estate industry
  • [25:08] Why and how you should build your own board of directors
  • [32:10] Metrics to consider when building your own boardroom
  • [38:17] Ways to identify the right operators for your real estate business
  • [42:00] Things to examine when doing asset class expansions

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About Dan Pierson 

Dan is the Managing Partner of Pierson Equity Group. He is leading the company using his insight and long-standing relationships in commercial real estate. He was a collegiate athlete at the University of Cincinnati from 2010 to 2013 while studying business and entrepreneurship. He started pursuing commercial real estate in 2011 by attempting to buy out a large operator of parking garages in Cincinnati, Ohio, before finding a great opportunity in the fitness industry.

Dan purchased his first operational fitness center in 2012 at the age of 20. His success in the fitness industry paved the way for expansion into different regions with multiple locations. He started a business intermediary firm in 2019 and has exclusively sold over $4 million in small businesses and assisted in the sale of over $50 million of real estate. He spent years building relationships with some of the top apartment buyers in the nation before launching Pierson Equity Group.

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