Dive deep into the fascinating world of real estate investing with Gary Wilson as he shares his transition from national banker to achieving financial independence by age 40. Learn about his strategies in property management, establishing businesses based on real estate, and the critical role of education and mentorship. Tune in for a compelling conversation that could redefine your approach to real estate and entrepreneurship.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [06:00] Gary’s childhood influences and the power of mentorship
  • [09:09] A timeless strategy of house hacking and its foundational role in real estate investment
  • [19:41] Ways to build a real estate-driven business empire
  • [26:54] How to forge a legacy centered on education and empowerment
  • [34:11] The role of education in attaining real estate success

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About Gary Wilson

Gary is the training and product development director and lead coach in The Global Investor Agent Team. At 40, he retired as a Corporate Vice-President of Mergers & Acquisitions in National Banking. In the first 6 months after earning a real estate license, he created 6 figure income, working with Investors, completing over 100 transactions per year consistently every year without a sales team or assistant, with virtually no marketing costs. Gary traded over 3,000 Investment properties in less than 5 years while developing five real estate holding companies and owning more than 250 Rental Units. He became a self-made multi-millionaire by building a real estate enterprise, including a brokerage, property management company, investment, settlement, and appraisal services.

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