Are you eager to become an investor but find yourself short on time? Learn about an innovative way to earn passive income in today’s episode with Sam Wilson as we talk about an up-and-coming investment opportunity that’ll help you earn steady cash flow. Tune in now for more!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [07:34] Ups and downs of investing in the parking space
  • [17:58] 3 things to look for in passive investors as an operator
  • [26:51] Advantages of investing in laundry facilities
  • [31:23] The best business model to follow for a laundry facility
  • [43:33] Essential things to consider when operating a laundromat

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About Sam Wilson

Sam has been an active investor in self-storage, parking, multi-family properties/apartments, single-family homes, RV Resorts, and laundry facilities for over a decade. Sam also has a diverse business ownership and management background, allowing him to participate in various asset classes.

His weekly podcast, How to Scale Commercial Real Estate, is rated in the top 1% worldwide, has 40K+ monthly downloads, and boasts nearly 800 episodes with industry influencers. Sam focuses solely on the laundry facility space for his personal and investors’ portfolios.

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