Join Neil Henderson on ‘Truly Passive Income’ as he interviews Katherine D’Agostino, a self-storage feasibility expert. They discuss the critical importance of identifying growing and underserved markets, various aspects of conducting feasibility studies, and the nuances of investing in boat and RV storage. D’Agostino shares her journey from diversifying her business portfolio to focusing solely on self-storage and offers invaluable advice for new investors on managing projects efficiently, choosing locations wisely, and understanding market dynamics.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [01:28] Katherine’s Journey into Self Storage
  • [09:17] Financing and Market Selection
  • [15:46] The Importance of Feasibility Studies
  • [23:36] Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • [26:13] Initial Steps in Market Analysis
  • [29:14] Evaluating Market Health and Attitudes
  • [30:23] Budgeting and Funding Strategies
  • [30:57] Boat and RV Storage Insights
  • [32:06] Understanding Customer Behavior
  • [33:02] Navigating Market Data and Regulations
  • [36:34] Challenges and Opportunities in Boat and RV Storage

About Katherine D’Agostino

Katherine D’Agostino founded Self-Storage Ninjas, a consultancy specializing in feasibility studies for self-storage, boat and RV storage, storage condos, and flex warehouses. With extensive experience as an owner and developer of multiple storage facilities, she provides critical market analysis to help clients make informed decisions about their storage projects. Katherine is a frequent speaker at industry events and a contributor to top-tier publications. Her consultancy aims to empower clients by offering detailed, data-driven insights and long-term support throughout their development journey

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