From unique real estate strategies to the intricate world of content creation, we’re excited to have Spencer Cornelia on our show to share his knowledge and expertise in the realm of investment and financial planning. Join us and gain valuable insights that will help you make crucial decisions that will shape your financial future.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [11:42] A unique approach to starting and growing your real estate career
  • [23:17] Challenges in today’s housing market and ways to solve them
  • [32:58] Importance of finding the right niche and debunking passive income myths
  • [43:59] Top things you need to know about online content creation and monetization
  • [56:36] Investing in real estate vs. online content creation

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About Spencer Cornelia

Spencer is a YouTube content creator with over 440,000 subscribers. He specializes in making videos criticizing “fake gurus.” Spencer is also involved in real estate and specializes in house hacking.

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