If you want to know more about self-storage investment, this episode is for you! Check out today’s episode with Cory Sylvester, where we discuss why self-storage is an optimal investment and look at post-pandemic developmental costs. Click on the play button to learn more!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [11:22] Why self-storage could offer the highest investment returns
  • [13:39] The most important factor to consider when investing in a self-storage facility
  • [27:24] Key factors highlighting the resilience of self-storage investment 
  • [33:25] An overview of developmental costs in the post-pandemic era
  • [35:29] How can technology consolidate and optimize self-storage assets?

Resources mentioned in this episode

[13:01] Radius+

About Cory Sylvester

Cory is the co-founder of Radius+, DXD Capital, and Manage Space. He boasts a 14-year experience in the financial and real estate industry, which he leverages in various projects. His primary focus is on establishing the industry’s largest platform dedicated to the construction and acquisition of self-storage facilities. Cory’s deep-seated passion centers around harnessing data and cutting-edge technology to optimize the development, operational efficiency, and investment strategies for self-storage properties across the United States.

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