Drawing on his military background, Jeff Barnes applies a systematic approach to the business world, emphasizing the advantages that have fueled his success in navigating the distinctive landscape of angel investing. Join us to gain valuable insights and delve into the strategic mindset that has contributed to his success in this investment niche.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [19:16] How the Angels and Heroes Growth Fund started
  • [22:08] Simple steps to attract angel investors to your startup
  • [28:10] Guidelines for conducting due diligence in angel investing
  • [35:48] Best angel investing practices from an angel investor
  • [39:50] Core lessons from Jeff’s book “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Directed Investing & Retirement Planning”

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About Jeff Barnes

Jeff is a US Navy Veteran, a Risk Manager and Director, a technology enthusiast, a business growth expert adviser, and a management consultant. He is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Angel Investors Network and the Founder of Digital Evolution Marketing Group.

Jeff supports nonprofits supporting military events and spends most of his time helping CEOs and founders of growing companies automate, systematize, and scale their businesses.

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