Uncover the secrets to successful house flipping with Dan Breslin. Press play to learn how he buys out high volumes of properties and manages renovations from market to market but still sees over 300 successful transactions yearly. Elevate your flipping game and turn market challenges into opportunities by tuning in now!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [01:27] Benefits of hosting a real estate podcast and its impact on personal and business growth
  • [03:15] How to transition to flipping higher-value properties and how it influences your profit margins
  • [10:00] Strategies for managing risks in house flipping
  • [14:08] The positive effect of strategic property investments on revitalizing neighborhoods
  • [33:16] Why you need to stay adaptable in a fluctuating real estate market

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About Dan Breslin

Dan’s experience in real estate began in his youth. His grandfather served as the property manager for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s real estate portfolio from the 1950s through the mid-1980s. Dan learned the business of fixing up houses firsthand, growing up working on the construction sites of his father’s contracting business.

He was raised in Drexel Hill, a suburb of Philadelphia. In 2014, Dan moved to Chicago to be a more present father to his then-middle school-aged daughter. This move marked the beginning of Diamond Equity, which started buying houses in the Philadelphia market and then expanded to Chicago.

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