Ready to discover the secrets of real estate success? Check out today’s episode with Taylor Loht, where we chat about the power of time investment, plus some game-changing hacks to help you raise capital like a pro. Press that play button to learn more!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [10:36] Difference between investing in Wall Street vs. real estate
  • [15:43] Strategies to earn cash flow as a real estate investor
  • [21:20] Actionable tips to boost your capital-raising capabilities
  • [33:39] How social media platforms can help you find potential investors
  • [46:44] An expert advice on how to vet your real estate operators

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About Taylor Loht

Taylor is the founder of NT Capital Group. He started his real estate investing career to escape from the uncertainty of Main Street in his investments. Taylor started NT Capital to help others access different types of investment opportunities. He also has a podcast that he hosts called Passive Wealth Strategy Show. 

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